Swiss Cheese Plant “Monstera”

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The Swiss Cheese Plant is enjoying somewhat of a revival, and is proving very popular with our customers here at your independent London Garden Centre in Battersea!

This icon of the 1970s (!) is a great indoor plant, with lush leaves (with holes – hence the name Swiss Cheese Plant).

Shown here in a wicker basket, or a concrete (style) planter (not included).

We’ve got all sorts of pots / planters that you could choose from.


Latin Name: Monstera deliciosa

Native to: Tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, south to Panama.

Height: Approx 70cm

Likes: Normal room temperature.

Loves: Clean the leaves with a damp cloth.

Doesn’t like: Direct sunlight (the leaves may go yellow), or dark corners. And being outside!

Water: Better to water once a week a lot (better too if you can sit the plant in a sink with water in it for a couple of hours) and then let it dry out (a bit!), until next time, rather than doing a splash of water every day.

Got pets? Maybe choose a different plant…

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Comes in a plastic pot.

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